A Lone Acacia

A Lone Acacia Forest Portrait (1920HD size).png

A Lone Acacia is a musician, producer and songwriter from Birmingham, UK. His music incorporates elements of rock, electronica, ambient, fusion and film scores to harvest feelings of introspection and escapism. 


Inspired by his yearning to venture beyond the juxtaposing backdrops of his hometown, where blossoming fields oft lay paving to abandoned factories, his music became infused with the visual imagery of urban cities and cinematic landscapes. By painting layers of guitar over a canvas of hypnotically interlaced melodies and blending narcotic swells with groove-laden beats, the result translates into an eclectic sound that immerses the listener into the music. 


His debut single “Hemispheres” was released on June 17th 2022, with a sophomore single and accompanying full-length debut album to be announced in the future.